Monsta Party NFTs

Only on BNB Chain
BNB Chain

Monsta Party is a collection of 10,000 Play-2-Earn NFTs on BNB Chain, and is the first NFT project backed by a legit DeFi protocol, Cake Monster.

Party Monstas like gettin’ down ’n’ dirty, dressin’ to tha’ nines, and bustin’ a groove... So make sure you feed 'em little and often to keep their party energy up and keep the Monsta Party bumpin’!

Monsta Party

Play 2 earn

Monsta Party

It Starts With An Egg

Initially everyone mints a Gen-0 Egg.

Soon your Gen-0 Egg will hatch into a Gen-0 Party Monsta.

Once hatched, your Party Monsta starts gaining daily Party Experience Points (PXP).

Monsta Party


Feeding is available at 6 random times throughout the day.

Feeding increases PXP faster.

Earn bonus PXP by completing daily tasks and by playing in the Arcade.

When you reach 10,000 PXP you give birth to a Gen-1 Party Monsta.

Monsta Party


All NFT holders earn $MONSTA dividends.

NFTs with higher PXP get higher rewards!

Certain PXP levels will allow you to claim some free, real world assets

Why Monsta Party??

NFT Problems

In the midst of market saturation, NFT communities are scrambling to find ways to provide passive yield to their holders to distinguish themselves and keep the floor prices up. One strategy is for such groups to create their own tokens to pay out to NFT holders. The trouble is that most of these tokens are going to be worthless unless the group is already extremely well established and valuable as a brand and a community. Either that or they need to figure out a way to create use cases for their currency other than just for holders to sell.

The Solution

Party Monstas are backed by the value of an emerging and successful cryptocurrency and DeFi protocol, Cake Monster ($MONSTA). Cake Monster is itself backed by an ever increasing vault of the most valuable token on the Binance Smart Chain, $CAKE, and features a hybrid monetary policy that aims to sustainably reward holders and battle the shortfalls of traditional ecosystems. With all that support, Monsta Party NFTs will NEVER go to zero, unlike many other avatar projects that fizzle out when the initial hype wears off.

The Future

Party Monstas begin life with everything going for them by following in their father's footsteps.. They are the children of an established brand and character “The Cake Monster” who has his own fun community and meme culture as well as an ongoing series of animated cartoons.

Party Planners


  • Phase 1: BUILD

    First, we'll build this big beautiful thing. We'll build it like its never been built before...
  • Phase 2: LAUNCH

    Second, we'll launch this big beautiful thing. The Monsta Party NFT launch will launch like its never been launched before...
  • Phase 3: INTEGRATE

    Third, we'll integrate this big beautiful thing. We'll integrate with a Metaverse, allowing your NFT characters to wander around the interwebs. Interact with other Monsta Party holders, and interact like you've never interacted before...
  • Phase 4: GAME

    Fourth, we'll create a gaming arcade for this big beautiful thing. You'll play Monsta Party games and earn PXP like you've never earned PXP before...
  • Phase 5: ???

    Fifth, who knows? The dynamic nature of crypto means this whole roadmap might entirely change tomorrow. Like leaves in a light autumn breeze, we'll go with the flow and let the market dictate our future direction.